Justin Fields Will Do Great Things But UGA Fans Need To Be Patient

Justin Fields

Justin Fields had a nice day at G-Day on Saturday while Jake Fromm was sorta ho-hum. But Fields isn’t close to being ready for the big stage…yet. Georgia fans understand that, right?
Fields is a huge talent and his physical gifts are rare. But facing a 2nd team defense in a glorified scrimmage is a long way away from being The Man and leading the charge for the defending SEC champs. At the moment, Fields would be best served to go the Tua route – back-up for a year, save the day if necessary, and be poised to battle for the starting gig next spring. But it will be hard to convince Dawg fans of that.
Jake Fromm wasn’t as good at the end of last year as he was when he first got the call. But he’d also never been through the grind of the SEC. Very few freshman QBs start in this league and way less are playing at a high level by the end of that season. It’s friggin hard.
Still, Fromm led his team to OT in the national championship game. And while his spring game wasn’t a bright spot, I’m not ready to write off a guy that went to Notre Dame and won, won his division, the SEC, and the Rose Bowl.
UGA has two great options at QB that will push each other to be better. I can’t see how it happens before this season, but if Fields is the guy, he will pull away from Fromm during fall ball. And everyone will know. Anyone can work hard when your coaches are pushing you day to day. Let’s see if Fields can show the drive and discipline when no one is watching.
Fields will do great things at Georgia but this team has to go to Columbia on September 8 for the Cocks. I’d rather have the experience Fromm brings rather than hoping Fields can step up in that big spot.

Towns played baseball for Houston in the mid-90’s. He is most famous for walking 9 LSU batters in just 3 innings.

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