In Just 1 Week, Elijah MacNamee Becomes a Mississippi State Immortal

Elijah MacNamee

Mississipi State’s Elijah MacNamee is living comfortably in “the zone” and is smashing everything thrown at him. All players strive to get to that zone and when you’re there the game just slows down. The baseball turns into a beach ball. 
I don’t know how you get there but when you do, you never want it to end.  MacNamee is taking advantage and is carrying his team to a place no one could dream of a month ago.
With the Bulldogs backs against the wall, MacNamee has caught fire. He had 1 HR going into the Florida series and has hit 7 since that Thursday night. In their last 10 games, MSU is 8-2 and MacNamee is hitting .422 with 19 hits, 21 RBI and has scored 15 runs. That is an insane run in any 10 game stretch  The fact that he is doing it with the entire season on the line is mind boggling.
MacNamee is so in-tune with the game that he’s seeing things even great ballplayers would miss. MacNamee saw Vandy pitcher Zach King wiggle his glove before throwing the fateful 0-2 pitch in the 9th inning.
“It was the first time he wiggled his glove in three at-bats,” he said. “I knew he wasn’t coming with the fastball.”
MacNamee waited on the curve and delivered once again.

When you’re in the zone you can pick up on things like a glove wiggle with ease. It’s like you’re seeing with a magnifying glass – everything is so clear and every detail so noticeable. To be able to pick up on a small idiosyncrasy and understand what it means in a split-second is another level of ‘the zone.’
In the FSU game he and the Bulldogs were 1 strike away from summer vacation. Then Elijah stepped to the plate in the 9th vs. Vandy and put his team a win away from Omaha. He’s an unlikely hero but in the span of 7 days, Elijah MacNamee has become a Mississippi State immortal.

Towns played baseball for Houston in the mid-90’s. He is most famous for walking 9 LSU batters in just 3 innings.

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