Brady Singer vs. Casey Mize – Inside The Pitching Match-up Of the Year

Casey Mize

Casey Mize vs. Brady Singer: This is the battle I’ve had circled on my calendar. Two of the best pitchers in the country going head-to-head.  At different points through the last year, each of these guys have been projected as the #1 overall pick in this June’s MLB draft.
When you see a group of head scouts and GM’s showing up for a game you know there is some special talent on the field.  Yeah yeah, Florida is looking to solidify their lead in the East and Auburn is trying to get back to the top of the West yadda yadda.  That happens every year.  It is rare to see this kind of talent go head-to-head.
Both of these guys are power pitchers and are just nasty on the mound.  Each can reach into the mid-90’s with his fastball (with good movement) and both have filthy secondary pitches.  What I love about these guys is that they work fast and don’t try to get cute by making people miss. Mize and Singer go right at hitters daring someone to step up to their level. They are bulldogs.
When it comes to the draft and long term potential they both have massive upsides and a scary down side.  They are both highly polished with a strong make up.  They both project as top of the rotation guys who can get deep into games and neither is too far off from making the jump to a big league roster.
Mize is a little shorter but more physically developed. He has 3, and maybe 4, pitches that are ridiculous, including his fastball, a plus-cutter, a plus-splitter, and a slurve. Singer is taller with a good frame that can fill out more. Singer’s fastball can reach 96 and his slider is just filthy. His change-up has gone from average to almost other-worldly.
Are there downsides to each? Yeah: injury.  Mize has already battled through some and Singer’s mechanics point to strong potential of one occurring in the future.
Singer has been clean on the injury front.  But his mechanics are pretty loose and he looks like an injury just waiting to happen. He has a whip of an arm action that puts a ton of torque on the shoulder and elbow.  He needs to get his arm to catch up with his front side to help him avoid arm issues.

Mize was shut down a few weeks last year and had some issues this summer with Team USA. Auburn limited him in fall practice in order to ready for the season. He could use some minor tweaks to his delivery to tighten things up but his foundation and fundamentals are solid.
Both of these guys are getting their name called early in the first round on June 4. Both have tremendous upside and should advance rapidly through the minors. I expect them to put on a helluva show tonight.

Towns played baseball for Houston in the mid-90’s. He is most famous for walking 9 LSU batters in just 3 innings.

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