About All Y’all Sports

If you think we’re picking on your school – just wait a minute. We’ll mock one of the other 12 SEC schools shortly.
Shit. I meant 13. Yeah, 13 other schools. We forget about you sometimes, Mizzou!
If you’re interested in a site that reveres the SEC but can also shred it with deft, vicious commentary, you’re in the right place. We believe in revealing (and then mocking) the idiocy in the league. We’re the voice of SEC fan.
There are enough websites that cover the minute by minute goings-on of SEC programs. You should check those sites out – cuz that ain’t us. Our focus is to highlight the excellence of the league, look at major topics with a critical eye, and to expose the lazy, clichéd hypocrisy of the media that cover the SEC.

All Y’all Sports: Serious Yet Snarky Commentary on the SEC

If you want:
– a site about the SEC only,
– compelling stories,
– funny writers,
– stats that go beyond the box score,
– SEC trivia,
– league gossip and rumors,
– gambling lines and insider info,
– writers that are accountable to you,
– cracking on the national media,
– making fun of Ed Orgeron,
– and Nick Mingione,
– and especially Florida fans
then I think you’ll like what we have to offer. Nothing is off-limits here.
As always, feel free to contact us to add your own comment or tell us we suck: