Like all great ideas in life, this website was born out of frustration. I was tired of combing through “sports” websites looking for any little nugget on college football. I’d go through a ton of stories about LeBron and NFL owners and a Sportscenter host’s views on politics, and countless other crap. I said to myself, I need a website that’s only college football. And that’s how OnlyCFB began.

Our founding date is February 5th – the day after the Super Bowl – which is a really stupid day to start a college football site. It won’t be the last stupid thing we do.

During the season this site will focus on games. Match-ups. On-field. Off-season, we’ll cover spring practice and sift through other CFB issues. What we won’t be is a constant “Who is in the playoff?” or “Who is winning the Heisman?” like ESPN and others. The Playoffs are great but the hype starting in July is not.

If there’s anything you’d like to see here, let me know!