5 Quick Questions Heading Into Super Regional Play

Super Regional

1. Can the team that ousted the Rebs go to Disch Falk and interrupt UT’s return to Omaha? I’m very interested to see Texas and Tennessee Tech. With the new fences at Texas, can Tennesee Tech be the first team to go in there and mash like crazy?
2. Will Florida figure it out? They made it through a pretty weak regional unscathed but they didn’t look like the Florida we saw before May 1. This team was built for Super Regional play, though. Singer & Kowar hitting you as a 1-2?
3. Will MSU’s wild ride continue? Left for dead after their coach stepped down. 2-7 in the SEC heading to April. Then a rally followed by a quick exit from Hoover. They were pummeled by OU. Then down to their last strike vs. FSU. Yet here they are in Nashville for a Super Regional. Relive State’s unconventional journey to this point.
4. Can Casey Mize put distractions aside? Mize looked more human heading into the draft. Now that he’s been selected #1, will he be able to focus on the task at hand: going head to head with Brady Singer? When he’s on, no one has better stuff than Mize. Four pitches that can dominate. For Auburn to win the series, Mize either has to win Saturday or go deep enough not to expose their bullpen.
5. Can Arkansas continue to dominate at home? Arkansas is now 33-3 at home this year and has lost just once at Baum since March 9th. Their only loss since that date? A 3-2 loss to their Super Regional opponent South Carolina.
My Super Regional Winners:

Oregon State-Minnesota
Arkansas-South Carolina
North Carolina-Stetson
Cal State Fullerton-Washington
Vanderbilt-Mississippi State
Texas-Tennessee Tech
Texas Tech-Duke

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