Answering 5 Quick Questions Before First Pitch

The Two Idiots are here to answer 5 questions heading into the regional openers:

1. Which SEC Team Has The Hardest Opening Round Game?
Brad Towns:   I am going with Mississippi State.  OU is a dang good team and Jake Irvin is as good as any ace the Ags have faced in conference.

Ryan Monceaux: State will have their hands full with OU but I think it’s South Carolina taking on Ohio State. If it’s not Texas A&M, tOSU might be the best 3-seed in the tournament.

2. Which Regional is the Toughest (nationally – not just SEC) and Why?

Monceaux: I’ve convinced myself that the Tallahassee Regional is the hardest cumulatively.

Towns: You have convinced yourself of the truth.  State has put things back together nicely since the early season craziness with Cannizaro.  Fun fact, MSU is 9-1 vs RPI #1 Florida, #3 Arkansas and #5 Ole Miss.  FSU’s ELO CHESS rating is #3 and comes off a championship run in the ACC tourney and is one of the most dangerous 3 seeds in the tourney.

3. What is the best potential second-round game?

Monceaux: Arkansas and Southern Miss. The Golden Eagles can play and they are 16-5 on the road. Could see 5-6 homers in this game.

Towns:  Ole Miss and Tennessee Tech.  Tennessee Tech has put up sick offensive numbers and are a throwback to the beloved Gorilla Ball days.  Ole Miss can mash as well and have done it against a significantly better schedule.  I look forward to a slug fest that ends up with a football score.

4. Do you think any #1 seeds will fall this weekend?

Monceaux: Yes: East Carolina, NC State, and for giggles, LSU eliminates Oregon State again.

Towns: Florida State, NC State, Texas and I have send North Carolina packing for my Houston Cougars.

5. Pick The 16 Regional Winners:

Florida – Auburn
Stanford – Coastal Carolina
LSU – Minnesota
Ole Miss – Texas A&M
Texas Tech – Clemson
Georgia – Florida State
Arkansas – ECU
UNC – South Carolina

Florida – Auburn
Stanford – Coastal Carolina
Oregon State – Minnesota
Ole Miss – Texas A&M
Arkansas – ECU
Houston – Stetson
Mississippi State – Clemson
Georgia – Texas Tech

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